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Yorkview Daycare is a private daycare centre dedicated to providing your child with quality learning experiences since 1987.
You can feel good about leaving your child in our care. We make the centre like an extended family for your child. Drop your child off at Yorkview Daycare Centre and have peace of mind. Your child is well cared for all day under the supervision of reliable and knowledgeable adults.
The rooms are large and bright, the toys are new and clean, and everywhere you hear laughter and learning going on. It is a happy place where children are treated with respect and love. Your child’s day will be filled with varied activities, healthy food, and lots of hugs when your child needs comforting. Your child is in good hands.

The goal of our program is to provide an environment that promotes trust, acceptance, and self-respect. The centre displays a safe, caring, secure and predictable place to be.

Every child needs to be understood and accepted. They need the freedom to explore and experiment with necessary limits clearly stated and consistently maintained. We offer a respectful and helpful environment where we encourage acceptance and recognize each child as an individual. Accomplishments, small or large, errors as well as successes are all components of a child’s self-esteem. Family background, interests and desires, values and beliefs are important to each child as an individual and as they mature and acquire a positive self-concept, they also begin relating and accepting others. We live in a culturally diverse society and our program reflects the perspective of understanding and acceptances of each family’s own culture, and the culture of others. OUR STAFF At Yorkview we employ a team of caring and professional staff.
Each staff member has had years of experience working with children and/or carries either an E.C.E. Diploma or Teacher Assistant Training.
All the staff at Yorkview are trained in CPR, emergency First-Aid, Anaphylactic/Allergy reactions with Epi-pen handling, Diabetic Awareness and are re-certified yearly. Our staff recognizes that each child is an individual and encourages each child’s effort and accomplishments. Our teachers are responsible for developing an age-appropriate curriculum. The focus is on the total development of the child. Our teachers are well prepared and utilize many materials and resources. They have had first hand experience throughout their educational and employment careers.

York View Daycare