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With its outstanding programs and facility, Yorkview Daycare Centre is setting the standard for excellent childcare.
See your child flourish under the careful watch and excellent programs at Yorkview Daycare Centre.
Yorkview Daycare Centre offers unparalleled service to the parents and the children who attend the centre. In many ways the centre exceeds the standards set out by the Ministry of Education in the Day Nurseries Act. Everything from the food to the programs to the physical structure of the building is designed in the best interest of the children. The atmosphere is happy and relaxed and everyone feels welcome when they come to visit or stay for the day.

Serving Ages
Ages- 3 moths to 12 years
Infants- 3 moths to 18 months
Toddlers- 18 moths to 2.5 years
Preschoolers- 2.5 years to 3.8 years
Kindergaten- 3.8 years to 6 years or GRADE 1
School-Agers- 6 years to 12 years
Centers Hours
7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m

Days of Operation
Monday through Friday Closed For the following Holidays:
• New Years Day – January 1
• Family Day – third Monday in February
• Good Friday
• Victoria Day – the Monday preceding May 25
• Canada Day – July 1
• Civic Holiday – first Monday of August
• Labour Day – first Monday of September
• Thanksgiving Day – second Monday of October
• Christmas Day – December 25
• Boxing Day – December 26

Nutrition – three nutritious meals each day
As busy parents, you don’t always have time to prepare healthy, well-balanced meals for yourself and your children. Especially when you are in a hurry to get out the door in the morning or after a long day at work. That is why at Yorkview Daycare Centre make it a priority to choose whole, unprocessed foods  without added sugar, salt or preservatives. You can feel confident that your child is getting the nutrition necessary for healthy growth. The children are provided with a daily breakfast, hot lunch, and an afternoon snack. Your child’s allergies or food restrictions will be accommodated. As part of healthy nutrition, the children will learn about healthy eating, cooking and appreciating multicultural food through the involvement in cooking classes.
The menu is filled with fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains in breads, cereal, muffins and pasta, dairy, cheese, milk and yogurt, unprocessed meats, beef, chicken and eggs. We serve neither nut products nor pork products due to allergies and personal preference. As a matter of fact, the cook is adamant that the menu contains only healthy food for the growing children; she will not serve the children anything with too much salt or sugar. Now and again, the children will be served cupcakes or other processed foods as a special treat or in a special dish.
Proper nutrition is paramount to your child’s overall well being. The meals provided are based on The Canada Food Guide and are prepared onsite and served within the guidelines of the safe handling of food as outlined by the Ministry of Health.

Subsidies – do you qualify?
There are spaces available to those families that qualify for government subsidized childcare. If you have children up to age 10, have a financial need and if you are a student or enrolled in an approved program you might qualify for a subsidy. You can find out more about subsidies and download a government application at Family+and+Children+Services/child_care_fee_assistance.html

The Program – exceeding the standard
The program is in the best interest of the children so it is enriched in the arts and academics. The staff incorporates creative movement, visual arts, literacy, math and science into the Curriculum. In addition, our centre has many resources that the children can use to expand their imaginations and learn new skills. The resources and programs at our centre exceed the Ministry of Education standards in many ways. Our programming and facilities raise the standards:
• Both indoor and outdoor playground exceeds allowed square footage per child – your child has room to run and use all the large muscle groups.
• Outdoor playground has grass, shed for storage, paved area for bicycle and ball sports – most centers only have a paved area leaving the children no choice about their outdoor activities.
• Planter boxes are located in the playground so the children can plant and maintain gardens.
• Covered sandbox, and water play outside – these sensory activities allow children to develop fine motor skills and use imaginative play.
• Window space indoors by far exceeds the standard – the children get more natural light into their rooms than is required.
• Windows are big and come down to the level of the children – the children can look outside any time they want.

• The centre is located in a residential area, just off the main road – a peaceful neighborhood with low traffic gives your child the feeling of being in someone’s home rather than in a commercial, chaotic setting.
• Teacher qualifications- Each classroom, has an Early Childhood Educator and an assistant. Every staff member must have their Criminal Background recently checked and must have their First –Aid and CPR training.
• Teacher ratios – The Ministry requires that the ratios of teachers to children is set for infants at 1 to 3 toddlers at 1 to 5, for preschoolers 1 to 8, for kindergarten 1 to 10 and School-Agers at 1 to10.
• The centre exceeds the requirements in terms of cleanliness – the rooms and toys are cleaned and disinfected daily, which is way more often than Ministry of Health requires.
Family Atmosphere At Yorkview Daycare we have a personal close relationship with families; this is what separates us from the other centers. The children grow and love the staff along with the parents. We always have the children’s best interest in mind and nothing is ever over looked when it comes to the children. The staff is always honest yet sensitive to the families and can always give their best suggestions or professional advice.

York View Daycare