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To Prospective Parents:

I just wanted prospective parents to know that my husband & I are very happy with Yorkview Daycare. We have 2 kids here. Connor is 4.5 yrs (senior room) & Shane is 2.5 yrs (pre-school room). They each joined when they were 11 months old and have adjusted extremely well. The activities & progress that both have made is amazing. We often hear them reciting Dr. Seuss’ Green Eggs & Ham or the days of the week or writing their name (the older one) or practicing for “Show & tell” day. Every summer, the daycare has made a concerted effort to keep the children active & engaged. Over the past years, they have visited Whittamore’s Farm, African Lion Safari, Reptilia, Active Kids Zone, Wild Water Kingdom to name a few. After having volunteered for some of these trips, I can honestly say it’s a lot of work for the teachers at outings like this. They have to be on full alert throughout the day to manage these kids. I was exhausted at the end of each trip! I commend them for the amazing work they do at excursions like this & each and every day at Yorkview.

Our kids seem to love the daycare. The teachers genuinely care for them and are always concerned about their welfare & safety. They are always pleasant /cheerful & give us full updates on the type of day our children have had. They even forewarn us when they haven’t eaten well so they can have a bigger dinner or when they might be coming down with something (if they seemed especially fussy during the day) or if they haven’t slept well at naptime so we can put them to bed a little earlier that night.

But the icing on the cake is Irina – the director of the daycare. Her presence is always felt at the daycare. She is around in the mornings & evenings to greet the kids & parents. She has helped me out with the kids on countless occasions (when one is throwing a tantrum or I need help getting both to the car). She goes above and beyond the call of duty each & every day.

Overall, we are very happy to have our children at Yorkview daycare and the children love it too. Regards, Brian & Michelle Torrie (Connor and Shane’s parents)

To Yorkview Daycare, I really enjoyed Yorkview Daycare and the professionalism during my placement. The atmosphere is very pleasant ad the staff are knowledgeable and professional. I fell like I can learn and grow as a student doing her placement at Yorkview. Working with the children has been so rewarding and I always look forward to come to the placement at Yorkview each week. Seneca Student,

Nadja Dimic Student June 9, 2016

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